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Friday, March 19, 2010

tutu bug Shout Out!

OK, I am a day late, but yesterday was a crazy day.  The kids are on spring break and I swear nothing gets done around here when school is out.  Plus, my kids get like 2.5 weeks off, so it is a looong time-thank goodness the weather is nice, that makes it a little easier :).  Anyhooo....On to this weeks Shout Out...

Check out Becoming Homegrown, which is written by a gal named Morgan who is, as she puts it, "[is in the] process of learning how to fix, refinish, create, grow and a litany of other things that I never bothered with when I was younger."  She has recently begun gardening, loves to use her frugality when it comes to creating cute crafts and is always trying out new recipes...Head on over and show Morgan some bloggy love!  http://becominghomegrown.blogspot.com/


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