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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny and Unique Read...

I love to read.  Usually, you will find me curled up with some sort of conspiracy theory novel with lots of CIA, FBI, undercover Ops, Navy Seal guys bustin' the bad guys or a murder mystery of some sort  (I know, so weird for a tutu makin' mama!)  Anyway, I am trying to expand my horizons and I found the most delicious and cute and funny and unique book last week.  The title of it is Twenties Girl and it is written by a British gal by the name of Sophie Kinsella who also wrote Confessions of a Shopaholic

In it, the main character Lara has recently lost her great Aunt Sadie, whom she wasn't even close to.  At the funeral, her aunt appears to her as a ghost in search of her beautiful necklace that has disappeared.  Lara is distracted by other things in her life, such as her recent break-up with her loser boyfriend and her best friend/business associate who has recently bailed on her.  Unfotunately for Lara, Sadie could care less about her great-niece's problems and demands Lara to find the precious necklace.  As these two go on a journey together to find the missing necklace, these two very different ladies learn some surprising truths from eachother along the way....

Happy reading!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Week for tutu bug

Well, January was pretty slow for me, but I have had a great week this week!  On Tuesday I sold two tutu's, Pink Bubblegum and Purple Pizzazz and yesterday I sold 4, including Purple Pizzazz, Lemon Burst, Sassy Pink and Watermelon.  I was very happy and excited that business has started picking up again, as those of you who sell your homemade crafts know, business seems to ebb and flow, especially when you first start out.  Anyway, here's wishing to a succesful March for all of us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Other Blogger Websites?

I ama member of SITS (http://www.thesitgirls.com/), which is an online blog support system.  We support eachother by leaving comments.  Are there any other great sites out there that allow you to meet more bloggers and get your blog out there??  Would love any and all feedback!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabric Bundle Giveaway

I love it when bloggers do giveaways.  It's a great opportunity for us to share our craft or trade with others and it is fun to see and meet new people and to introduce them to your blog.  I have done a few myself and have recently found this great giveaway at A Chronicle of Life's Little Surprises...     Check it out and enter to win!!  http://gibsonsurprise.blogspot.com/2010/02/giveaway-material-gal-fabric-bundle.html

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kindergarten Registration, Seriously?!?!?

Well, I can't believe it!  The little guy in the post before this one with the tutu on his head, will be starting Kindergarten in July (we do a modified year round schedule here) and I register him on Tuesday!  I seriously can't believe that my last kiddo will be starting Kinder and I will be ALL alone during the day.  I have two emotions for this...1-YEEHAW!!!  I can go to a Dr appt without a.) finding a babysitter or b.) trying to keep him entertained (which is VERY hard to do when you're visiting the gyno :)); I can grocery shop sans kids (what is that even like?!?!); and I can take a nap in the afternoon without feeling guilty for popping in a video for him to watch.  As nice as this all sounds, I am actually going to miss the littleguy.  So that leads me to my second emotion, which is sadness.  I have been a SAHM for about 8 years now and it is just weird to think that both of my boys will be gone all day at school.  ***Sigh***  Oh *sigh* whatever, I can't wait to take a leisurely stroll through Target without two boys fighting or asking for toys and candy or my favorite, one of them having to pee when you are next in line at the cash register!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boys and Tutu's

Ok, so yesterday I am working on my website and my son comes running out of the spare bedroom,  tutu studio, with the Razmataz tutu on his head.  Now mind you, it was a pretty hilarious site and I took a picture to show his future girlfriends, but I was not too appreciative of him messing with the tutu's :)! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sweetheart, Sweet Tart or maybe just Sweetie?

This tutu was created for Valentine's day, although I haven't gotten it up on my website yet, oops!!  It has red, white and shimmery pink tulle finished with a 5/8" satin ribbon with hearts.  The good thing is, I can replace the heart bow during the rest of the year with a pink or white ribbon.  I am currently calling it The Sweetheart, but maybe Sweet Tart? Or Sweetie?  Not sure what to call it!

Here it is!!

Here's a close up of the bow and waistband. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

LOVE the Chocolate Plus Combos

Here are two more new tutu's that I have made this month.  I need names for these as well...Let me know what you think!

Brown tulle with pale blue and shimmery blue tulle, finished witha pale blue bow...


Brown tulle with shimmery pink and pale pink tulle finished with a light pink ribbon...

Cutie Patootie Tutu for a Preemie

So I recently had a tutu giveaway contest and the gal that won ordered one for her daughter that is a preemie!!  Oh my gosh, I just cannot wait to see what this precious little baby looks like wearing this awesome spunky tutu.  Check out what this little baby will be wearing...Seriously, how cute is that going to be?!?!

Also, I am in desperate need of a NAME for this awesome tutu.  Anybody have any suggestions???  I honestly cannot thing of anything good.  It is black and fuchsia with a little white and of course that cute zebra grosgrain ribbon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Not Just ONE New Tutu....But FIVE New Tutu's!

Well, I was on a tutu-making on a roll today.  The tulle was flying, the rotary cutter was cutting and I think I might need a new cutting mat :)...I didn't make just one tutu this week, rather 5 brand new and I might add, very beautiful, new tutu's for 2010.  I cannot wait to post pics in the morning when I have better light to shoot them in.  I am still working on names for them, so if you have any ideas once you see them, feel free to leave a suggestion!! 


Monday, February 1, 2010

I WILL Create a New Tutu This Week...

By Friday, I promise to unveil a brand new tutu for my Spring 2010 line!  Now I just need to decide which to make first.  Here are the options:

1-A black and fuchsia tulle tutu with a zebra print ribbon.
2-A tutu with lots of fun and festive colors like red, lime green, blue, yellow, etc...
3-A tutu with pink and brown tulle.
4-A pink and lime green tutu.

Let me know what you'd like to see first!
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