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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Sweetheart, Sweet Tart or maybe just Sweetie?

This tutu was created for Valentine's day, although I haven't gotten it up on my website yet, oops!!  It has red, white and shimmery pink tulle finished with a 5/8" satin ribbon with hearts.  The good thing is, I can replace the heart bow during the rest of the year with a pink or white ribbon.  I am currently calling it The Sweetheart, but maybe Sweet Tart? Or Sweetie?  Not sure what to call it!

Here it is!!

Here's a close up of the bow and waistband. 


  1. These are absolutely adorable. I wish my daughter was little so I could buy one. Your little models are adorable too! I am your newest follower...thanks for stopping by my blog. Talk about a cute blog design, I love yours!

  2. Oh my heck, I love this! I can't stand how much I love it. I just need to convince my husband my little girl needs another tutu now. :)

  3. SO CUTE! Stopping by from SITS! I have been here before and LOVE them all! Sweet Tart has my vote!

  4. Very cute!!

    Stopping by from SITS!!

  5. Oh my word, that is the cutest thing ever!
    Came over from SITS.


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