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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back to School

I usually post about recipes and tutus and other bloggers, but today I want to share what's on my heart since my boys went back to school this week....

Yesterday was the first day of school for my boys.  My oldest started 3rd grade and my youngest started Kindergarten.  On the first day of school, parents who do 'drop-off' (instead of bus or before/after school care) have to walk their kids to class.  So I drop off my oldest, as he's been through this before and then bring my youngest to his Kindergarten class.  He walks right in, sits in his chair and starts his worksheet.  Doesn't say see ya, good bye, love ya, nice knowing you, NOTHING! 

I just stare at him and think, holy cow, all I have done for the past almost 9 years is stay home with these boys and do everything for them.  I remember those first *miserable* sleepless nights (I don't care HOW much you love that baby, getting no sleep just plain sucks!) to the first teeth, first steps, first words, first tantrums, first day of preschool, first trip to Disneyland (about 3 weeks ago :)), and now, my last child is now in Kindergarten going to school all day.  As a SAHM, much of your identity rests in that role and of caring for those kids day in and day out.  When you're in the throws of diapers and spit up and tantrums, you think it will never end, but I promise you it does.  As I sit here typing this, the house is quiet, the tv is off, no one is yelling for me to wipe their bum (that'll be after school-ha!) or make them a snack.  And I have to say that the quiet is in a sense, defening.  I know in a few hours they'll come home and it'll be back to the usual, but for these quiet moments, I feel a little lost.  I know with time I will get used to the quiet, to the grocery shopping in peace, but yeah, I definitely can sense that one *HUGE* chapter of my life is over and I am about to embark on a new, wonderful and different journey now. 

I look forward to getting my life more organized and being on a routine now that the boys are gone.  I have three major goals for myself this school year.  The first is to get up and showered at 7 before the boys wake up.  I used to just roll out of bed when they woke me up, but this was not very conducive to getting out the door and to school on time.  My son was tardy several times last year, which is not good for his academic success and I have no one to blame for that but myself.  Secondly, my goal is to turn off the PC from 3-8pm (when they get home till their bedtime) and also in the a.m. before school.  I have found over the years that the PC is such a distraction from my daily interaction with my boys after school and honestly, they've been fighting over who gets to use the PC every day.  My final goal for this year is to read them a little devotional every morning while they eat breakfast.  I got this idea from my friend Morgan over at Becoming Homegrown and I love how it gives us a few minutes of meaningful interaction during the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school in the a.m. 

Finally, I also feel that these first few weeks of this school year are the calm before the storm.  Next month, my husband starts his MBA program at Arizona State University, which is going to leave me with even more alone time with the boys as he'll be gone about 20 extra hours a week and I know it'll be a huge adjustment for all of us.  Then in January the biggest change will come for me, when I will be starting nursing school and will be gone myself four days a week.  I know that these changes are going to be huge for the boys, but I also know that in the long run these things will only make a better life for them and also teach them about perserverance, setting goals and accomplishing them through hard work and dedication.

In closing, I have to say that writing this has been very cathartic for me and I appreciate you taking the time to read about my journey.  I'd also love for you to share a huge milestone in your life when you knew things had changed forever.....

Monday, July 26, 2010

My Very First Tutu

My very first tutu I ever made (NOT the one you see here :)) was actually quite terrible. I mean this thing was ugly and limp and not full at it.  The best word I can think to describe it is just plain *yuck*.   I was trying to go with sparkly tulle and it just didn't work.  Plus I learned after much research that the tulle with glitter is quite flammable!  I knew instantly that that type of tulle would NEVER be found on a tutu bug tutu!! 

Anyway, back to that *yuck* tutu...I seriously  think I spent $30 trying to make it a well!   Oh and if the price wasn't high enough, I think it took me about 3 hours!!  As with anything in life, I very quickly learned from it what worked and what didn't work.

As you can see from the above picture,  my SECOND tutu, which was subsequently named Pink Bubblegum,  turned out much better than the first - thank goodness!!  This tutu was essentially the start of my tutu business and for that I am grateful.  I love this tutu, as it really is such a sweet and precious tutu and classic in so many ways.  It is my favorite 'pastel' colored tutu and even graces the cover of my website!

Monday, July 19, 2010

How to care for your tutu...

In order to keep your tutu in its optimal form (read:  more POOF, less wrinkle), I recommend following these simple tips:

-As soon as your tutu arrives, immediately remove from box (and admire how cute it is).
-Grasp the waist and give it a gently shake, shake, shake.
-Hold waist and use your fingers to 'comb' out the pieces of tulle that may be wrinkled.
-Store tutu on an adult sized hanger in the closet.

That's all, folks!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

My mom has been making this banana bread since I was a little girl.  As an adult, I added the chocolate chips part, because what woman wouldn't want a little chocolate?! It is SO simple, easy and tasty and I get requests for this banana bread all the time.  Now, I have to tell you, this is a secret family recipe that I don't share with just anyone, so you better not tell!  LOL...Enjoy!

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
By: Melanie H.

3-4 black* bananas
1 egg
1/2 stick butter, melted
1 1/2 c. Flour
1 c. white sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 bag of milk chocolate chips (or more, if needed)

Mix first three ingredients, then add dry ingredients.  Mix thoroughly and turn into greased bread pan.  Bake at 325 for approximately 60 minutes.  The time and temperature should be adjusted for your area.  I bake it between 325-350 degrees for 55-65 min, so just keep an eye on it. 

*This is the key to this recipe.  The bananas HAVE to be all black and look nasty.  I once had a friend who tried my recipe, chickened out with her rotten bananas and decided to use yellow ones instead.  Guess what, her banana bread tasted awful!  I promise the black bananas work and you won't get sick.   Tip:  when your bananas get gross-looking, throw them in the freezer and thaw when ready to use.  I pretty much have a pile in my freezer at all times :)!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tutus in Tanzania...

Never in a million years did I think that my tutus would go 'global.'  I thought they'd got North American, to Mexico and Canada, but Tanzania?!  Here's the story...Two days after I relaunched my website back in May, I got an order for 6 tutus that were to be shipped to Tanzania.  Now, I don't know about you, but I didn't even KNOW where Tanzania was until I looked it up.  And for those of you who don't know where its at, I'll save you a trip over to google - its in Africa, south of Kenya and Uganda (which is on the east side of the continent).  The biggest order I had ever had was for 3, so I was a bit skeptical.  I  I thought maybe someone got into my Paypal and was trying to sneak a fast one on me...Fortunately, I was VERY wrong and the gal ended up being the friend of a relative who wanted to dress her daughters and friends of her daughters with tutu bug tutus.  I was very flattered and so excited when she sent me the following photo of the girls wearing their tutus in front of the Indian Ocean.  Yeah, how cool is that?!?!

Friday, July 9, 2010


This tutu was created for a client of mine whose daughter was turning two.  She wanted a tutu that matched her shirt and hair bows and the photo to the right is what we came up with. 

I subsequently named the tutu Gumdrop, as I love how gumdrops are made up of rich, vibrant colors, which is exactly what this tutu is!  Plus, gumdrops are so tasty and this tutu is downright delicious :)...OK, I haven't actually tried to eat it or anything, but it just looks like it'd be tasty if it were candy!!!   It is now one of my favorites and perfectly matches the color of my site and blog.  You can check out Gumdrop on my website, as well as lots of other, cute and summery tutus.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July

tutu bug wishes you and your family a very happy 4th of July wherever you may live!  I plan on spending it with my family, next to someone's pool (any takers?!), enjoying the fireworks and eating some yummy BBQ in the 115+ degree heat (yeah, not looking forward to THAT part so much).  Happy 4th, everyone!
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