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Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm a Day Late and a Dollar Short...

Well, so much for keeping to my Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday schedule-ARGGH!  I totally missed my tutu bug Shout Out yesterday and today is almost over (well, I guess it IS over for anyone east of Texas).   Anyway, because it is late on Friday night and I want to be sure to do my weekly Shout Out properly, I am going talk tutu tonight instead!  I've been working with a gal this week on a custom order for her daughter's first birthday.  It's going to be deep purple and pink with rhinestone's all over it.  I can't wait to take a picture of it when it's done.  I have had 3 custom orders this month and absolutely love working with clients making the perfect tutu for that special little princess in their life!  Here's my custom work this month...


Abby Cadabby Inspired Tutu
(I did shorten the ribbon a bit.  This is also the tutu with the matching wands)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Do YOU have a Flagship Item?

Ok, so most stores have a flagship item, location, etc.  I honestly think that those of us who sell our 'craft' should have a 'flagship' item as well.  It's got to be a popular seller (whether you sell 10 items a year or a minute, everyone has an item or two that sells more often than others), must really showcase your craft and something you have a bit of a weekness for :).  For me, my flagship tutu is the Sassy Pink.  It is a great seller and always turns out so precious, whether it be for a newborn or a 6 year old.  So here's to you, Sassy Pink, my flagship tutu bug tutu :)....

Readers, I ask you, what's YOUR flagship item?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Install Your Blog Button?!?!

OK, ladies, I have come up with a blog button, but I cannot figure out how to 'code' it.  Anyone have any idea?!  Also, thanks to the wonderful ladies who have offered to help me create the button as well!  My bloggy friends are the best!

Friday, March 19, 2010

tutu bug Shout Out!

OK, I am a day late, but yesterday was a crazy day.  The kids are on spring break and I swear nothing gets done around here when school is out.  Plus, my kids get like 2.5 weeks off, so it is a looong time-thank goodness the weather is nice, that makes it a little easier :).  Anyhooo....On to this weeks Shout Out...

Check out Becoming Homegrown, which is written by a gal named Morgan who is, as she puts it, "[is in the] process of learning how to fix, refinish, create, grow and a litany of other things that I never bothered with when I was younger."  She has recently begun gardening, loves to use her frugality when it comes to creating cute crafts and is always trying out new recipes...Head on over and show Morgan some bloggy love!  http://becominghomegrown.blogspot.com/


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patty's Day Sale

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day, so I am taking $5 off the price of my one tutu that has GREEN in it.  Get this super cute Watermelon tutu just in time for Easter!  Shipped for only $23.

Also, I have one clearance tutu still available.  This is the Cranberry Baby in a 12mo-2T for only $10 shipped! 

If interested in either special, please email me at melanie@tutubug.com .


Sunday, March 14, 2010

tutu bug Custom Wand (This is a NEW one for me!)

I am doing a custom order for a customer that is throwing her daughter an Abby Cadabby birthday party (if you, like I did, have NO idea who Abby Cadabby is, she's a friend of Elmo and Zoe's on Sesame Street :)). 

Abby Cadabby has a wand, of course, so I made up this cute little wand tonight to match the birthday girls tutu (which will also be a new offering of tutu bug, named Abracadabra).  Anyway, the birthday girl and all of her party guests will be getting a wand similar to this one (this is my first rough draft :)).  I can't wait to get the matching tutu done so I can see how cute the wand and tutu go together!  I'll be sure to post pics of the tutu when it is done....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tutu bug Shout Out

This week I want to introduce you to a bloggy friend of mine over at Knit in Pajamas.  Like me, Margo is a stay-at-home mom with her own little crafty business on the side.  She knits beautiful scarves, hats, and headbands in ALL shapes, colors and sizes, while taking care of twin 1 year old boys!!  Holy moly, I have two boys and I can't imagine going through simultaneous diaper changing, teething, potty training, Dr appointments, tantrums, food chucking (I swear I had to use splat mats under my kids' high chairs!) and well, you get my drift!  So, swing on by Margo's blog at http://www.knitinpajamas.blogspot.com/ and show her some bloggy LOVE!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tutu bug Sale!

Today is tutu bug Tuesday, which means I give you this week or month's tutu special!  I am taking $5 off the price of any of my new Spring 2010 tutu's (which is about 20% off), therefore all spring tutu's will ship for $23!  Sizes are 0-12mos, 12mo-2T, 3/4T, or 5/6T.  I am happy to do custom length and waist sizes..You may contact me at melanie@tutubug.com .

Here are the eligible tutu's:



Pink Truffle

Blue Truffle

Sweetheart (Note: Ribbon can be changed to white or pink two-striped organza)

Preemie Wearing a tutu bug Tutu

I just received this picture from a client who purchased the Razmataz tutu for her preemie.  I had to share, as I have seriously never seen anything so cute in all of my life!  To my client, thanks for sharing this picture of your beautiful daughter!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stuff-I'm Making a Schedule!

OK, so one of my blogging goals is to be more consistent in when/what I blog (see previous post :)), so I have come up with a little blogging schedule.  Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and originally had a 5-day a week blogging schedule in mind, but yeah, that is so not gonna work for me (just yet anyway).  Soooo....I am going to try to blog 3 days a week.  Here's what I am thinking:

1-Sunday will be all about random posts.  This will include anything and everything from recipes, good books, favorite new songs, tv discussions, funny kid stories, blogging tips, etc, etc. 

2. Tuesday will focus on tutu bug and what special sales or giveaways I am currently doing. 

3.  Thursday will be about showcasing someone else's blog.  It's all about blog support, right friends?! 

I think this will be a good start for me and I welcome your accountability as well! 


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Awesome Blogging Advice

I am still trying to find a consistent blogging pattern, I'm looking for my blogging voice, if you will.  I blog because I want to introduce people to my craft (ie. the tutu's), but I feel that it is so much more than that.  I also want to blog so that I can talk about other things, such as sharing tips and hints, talking about my kids, sharing favorite books and recipes, and revealing myself to my readers in general.  While I am still trying to figure all this out since I am relatively new to the blogging world, I did come across this great post on Lady Bloggers Society today, which lists 5 or 6 tips to a better blog.  Check it out....I love idea #4, need to be better about #5 and try not to do #3 too often!!  Thoughts, readers (ooh, there I am doing #1 :))?!?!


Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have some tutu's leftover from the holiday's and a few others that I need to clearance out.  Everything listed below is 50-75% off!  My tutu's are usually $28 shipped, prices are as marked:

1. SOLD to May- Lemon Burst (yellow and white tulle) in a 12m-2T,  $12 shipped.

2. SOLD to Andrea-Cranberry Baby in a 0-12/mo., $8/shipped.

3.  Cranberry Baby in a 12mo-2T., $10/shipped

4.  SOLD to Jessica-Blue Bubble Gum (blue and shimmery blue tulle) in a 3T/4T, $13/shipped. 

5.  SOLD to ELizabeth -Blue Bubble Gum (white, blue, shimmery blue tulle) in a 12 mo-2T, $13/shipped.

6.  SOLD to Dee-Black Cherry in a 12mo-2T, $10/shipped.

7.  SOLD to Brittany Black Cherry in a 3T/4T, $10/shipped.

8.  SOLD to Elizabeth - Sports Tutu-Washington Redskins/ASU Sun Devils/Any sports team with Maroon/Yellow Colors , sz 0-12 mos, $8/shipped. 

If interested, email me at melanie@tutubug.com and all tutu's will be first come/first serve.  Thanks!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

tutu bug Shout Out

For us small time crafters, referral business is huge!  I want to give a shout out to my friend Phyllis who sells hair bows on ebay.  She referred a friend to me who bought 2 tutu's for now and is looking to get 2-3 more in the next few months.  Check out her ebay store and all of her super cute little girl hair bows!

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