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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Purple Platinum

What girl doesn't like a little purple and platinum in their life?!  I had a client who wanted a tutu as a gift for her flower girl and wanted it to match her wedding colors.  Her colors are going to be purple, platinum and cream.  This is the custom creation that we came up with.  The final product turned out soo cute!  I hope that I get a picture soon of the little flower girl wearing her new tutu!


  1. Thanks for stopping by.
    Decorating can be overwhelming. Try going through magazines and tearing out pictures of everything you like and do this for a few months . you will begin to see a pattern develop in colors and style. that should help you at least know what you are drawn to. THen go shopping for may be just one thing. New pillows or a picture. Don't shop expecting to decorate a whole room in one stop. Get one or tow new things and then build on that. Hope that helps you get started

  2. That helps a lot. I find that is my problem, I love so many different things. But I think tearing stuff out of mags will show me that I probably don't love as many things as I think I do :). Great tip, thank you SO much!!


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