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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come out, come out, wherever you are!

I make tutus, yes, we all know that.  I have a guest bedroom that has been converted to the 'tutu studio,' which by the way is a pain to clean out when we have company, but I digress!  Anyway, all of the cutting, prepping and packing happens in this room, so it boggles my mind how I find bits of tulle ALL over my house.  I mean everywhere!  A lot of times I will find it stuck to bath towels after they come out of the dryer.  Never have I had a bath towel in my front bedroom, how does this happen?!?  Another time, I was out with my friends and one of them was like, "Uh, you have soom tulle on your boob."  Once again, how does this happen?!  But the one place I found tulle that I thought was extra crazy was on my front porch!!  I was sweeping the front porch, why, I am not quite sure, as I think I've only done that like twice since living here :), when I look down and see a piece of purple tulle stuck to my welcome mat.  I had to laugh at this.  I tried to sweep it off, but it was good and stuck, so being the lazy lady that I am, I just left it there.  I figure my guests ought to know they are entering the tutu zone, which comes with the hazard of possibly walking out of my house with tulle stuck to their rear-ends, in their hair, on their shoes, orLord knows where else!  I never know where I'll find a piece next, it's like I'm playing a little game of hide and seek with it.  So to the tulle, I say, "Come out, come out, wherever you are!!"

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