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Monday, June 7, 2010

New Sports Tutus

Just last month, I decided to start up a tutu bug Sports Collection.  Since then I have created more than 15 designs for those avid sports fans of professional and collegiate basketball, baseball and football teams.  I am sure many of the colors translate to high school teams, as well as other sports teams.  It's been really fun to check out all of the different sports teams websites and see what colors they sport!  I usually start with the teams cheerleaders and create the color combinations from there.   Click here to view my entire sports collection.  You can also check out several of the sports tutus below as well.  If you're interested in a sports tutu and your team isn't represented, please contact me at melanie@tutubug.com and I will be happy to work with you in creating that perfect team tutu!

Greenbay Packers


University of TX

Chicago Bears/Denver Broncos

University of TX

University of FL


  1. Super cute lady!

    Hey- saw you on Sits this morning! = ) Check out the giveaway


  2. So cute! Do you take custom orders? I have two girls and want them to have Texans tutus!

  3. My daughter would LOVE this as part of her soccer uniform. She's 6. I'm thinking, I'm thinking, we need one. LOL I'm going to bookmark your site!


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