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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Website Update

Well, I was hoping for a May 1st launch of my new website, but unfortunately that didn't happen.  Between having lots of family come to visit (for some reason, those who live in the cold LOVE to come to Phoenix in March and April :)) and trying to coordinate the schedules of 7,  yes 7, families for my photo shoot, it was harder to hit that May 1st deadline than I thought it would be.  The good news is, my photo shoot was on Wednesday and it went great.  I had an awesome photographer come out and take great shots of my 5 cutie patootie models!  I can't wait to share with you some of the photos that were taken the other night.  I got the proofs Saturday and have been uploading data onto the new site all weekend.  My goal now is to have the site go live no later than Tuesday, May 11th, but am hoping for tomorrow sometime!!   Once the new site is launched, I will be doing a giveaway (or two) to thank you all for being so very patient with me during this 6 week ordeal :)!

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