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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tutu and 9 Wands...Complete!

I just finished my largest order today.  A friend ordered a tutu for her daughter's 2nd birthday as well as wands for her and all of her friend's that will be attending the party!  They turned out so cute and I cannot wait to see her in her Abby Cadabby inspired tutu and wand!  As you can see, one of the wands is a little different from the other's.  I made the birthday girls wand match her tutu exactly and made all of her friend's wands the same! 


  1. That is the cutest thing ever! :) Still waiting to get AJ back in town to take pics of her in the tutu I bought for her. :)

  2. Thanks, Kelly!

    Brittany-Can't wait to see pics of AJ in her new tutu!

  3. They look so pretty and well made!

  4. Hey SITSta thanks for stopping by today. Your tutu's look to be some of the best I have seen out there...adorable! Yes I would love to work with you on a review. Contact me anytime at stephd(at)sewfierce(dot)com. Looking forward to it :)


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