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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tutu-mania has settled down...for now...

It was a great first holiday season of tutu making for me and I have enjoyed every second of it!  Well, not EVERY second....I tried printing a shipping label online last night and it would not work.  So ,I tried again and again and again, make that 10 times and it wouldn't take.  Well apparently it DID take as I got an email this morning with the details of my 10 transactions.  So now I have $67 in postage to the same house for 2 tutus!  LOL....Hopefully I can get that one resolved shortly!  Anyway, besides that little incident I have totally loved making the tutus for all those little princesses across the US and even Mexico and can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for tutu bug!! 

I am also looking forward to a little break (and I hope it is a very short, little one) from tutu making so that I can focus on the family over Christmas.  I don't know how, but all of that tulle that has invaded and multiplied in my spare bedroom!  We have now affectionately renamed the guest room to the tutu room.  I pity the next guest who has to sleep in there with all the tulle, ribbon and boxes everywhere!!  Hope they like pink :).

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  1. Hi from SITS,

    Thanks for checking out my site. Much appreciated.

    This is so interesting to me...what a unique business idea. I've gotta get on the ball and think of some kind of specialized side hustle. :)

    Anyway what you do is pretty cool. And how cute are these little girls in their tutus! I'll definitely tell my friends with young daughters about this site!

    Best to you,



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